Hey, I am Marilyn Deguire, the founder of Embody Rising.


Embody Rising was birthed from my own desire to fully be present in my life experience. To truly feel joy and passion. To feel real connection and engaged in my purpose.

Bringing conscious awareness to our unconscious breathing habits is a powerful way to discover and transform how we think, feel, and behave. In other words, when we change our breath, we can take charge and change our state...it has for me. I am here to help you on the pathway inward, to connect body, mind and spirit and feel more vitality & aliveness.

I offer my work in English and French through Online classes1:1 coaching and retreats.

These unique opportunities allow space to connect within and learn skills to become self-reliant.



"Breathwork is the doorway to connect to self, it's our birthright…it's so natural, its life. Integrating the breath allows me to find peace and more presence as I continue to unravel new layers in myself and make space for more aliveness."

I am deeply devoted to share this work.

My story


My first experience of the power of our Breath came as a professional dancer and later during my studies in Body Psychotherapy, a modality of healing and transformation I undertook as part of my own personal journey to living a life of embodiment better able to manage the wide range of emotions and feelings we all experience in life, with the ability to create the sense of safety our overactive nervous systems crave. 

Having trained in Body Psychotherapy and several modalities of Breathwork, I’ve come to realise that there is no one solution, that everyone is different and we need the ability to develop our own self-awareness, awaken our ability to feel all emotions and feel safe in ourselves. 

Through my work, it’s my intention to support and give you the tools you need to feel safe as you explore all aspects of yourself, and your feelings and learn what a joyful and embodied life means for you.

Background & Qualifications


I am a GPBA Certified Professional Breathwork Practitioner, which means I have undertaken over 400 hours of training, including:

  • Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor 2024
  • Certified Vivation Breathwork Teacher Training 2023
  • Breath Mastery Practitioner 2020-2022
  • Trained in body-oriented modalities: Dança Therapia Maria Fux 2016-2019, Batdorf Technique 2017
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapy Institute 2010-2014
  • Dancer/performer/teacher in Brazilian dance 2003-2024

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