Sometimes we need to go deeper than we’ve gone before, and doing it alone can be a little scary but together everything is possible.

If you have a strong desire to feel more deeply, experience greater presence and live a more embodied life, then working with me personally is for you.

Together we'll create a safe space for you to feel comfortable, transforming how you move through your life, whether at work, in your relationships or just for your own personal growth.


We'll identify what’s holding you back from living that life you know you want, and using a series of powerful tools and techniques each underpinned by breathwork you’ll experience more awareness and tap into your own resources for sustainable wellbeing. 


1-to-1 Breathwork coaching tailored to your needs.

During our sessions we'll explore and utilise a combination of... 

  • Breath & body awareness.

  • Tools/techniques and move more deeply into your process of healing.

  • Biochemistry, Bio-mechanics and psychophysiology of breathing

  • Functional Breathing techniques from Oxygen Advantage

  • Conscious Connected and Vivation Breathwork.

And at every stage of the journey, I'll be there to support you.

Let's talk